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What patterns will fit perfectly into your Hamptons style room?

The Hamptons style is a bright fresh, coastal vibe that has an airy feel to it. This style works well in a home as it makes you feel relaxed and calm from the moment you walk in. Because you want to keep the room light and airy, you wouldn’t want to clutter the room with a pattern that is too busy. This could drive you away from the Hamptons style.   A great example of this is our Stylised Leaves pattern. The photo below is it in Grey 1 of our colour chart but this could also work in any of our neutrals, blues  or darker greys.

As for colour palette, you would want to stick to blues, neutrals and greys. These fit perfectly into the style and easily work with other colours throughout the room. Having a white background with a pop of light colour is a great way to accentuate the pattern. Using a white/off-white background also allows the room to stay bright and light. All of our pattern colours can be altered to fit what you are envisioning. We can even send you a digital mock-up to show you what the colours will look like in your chosen pattern.

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Herringbone Line Vs Zig Zag Stripe

Herringbone line and Zig Zag Stripe are two very popular patterns with our customers. This makes sense as they have a lot of similarities in their design.

They have the same concept in the design however, the biggest and most obvious difference is the spacing between each vertical line. As Herringbone Line is a more spaced out pattern we would recommend putting this on a longer wall. Anything longer than 2 meters and you will get the full effect of the pattern. It’s also better if you are looking for a simple pattern that adds something to the room without being the statement piece.

Zig Zag Stripe, on the other hand, has a shorter spaced pattern. This means it can work in smaller areas as you will see more of the pattern. If you are looking for something a bit more detailed then Herringbone Line is the way to go. I find that Zig Zag Stripe is a good middle ground. It has a very busy pattern however if you go for neutral or grey colour it does not overwhelm the room. Therefore, It defiantly is a significant piece to a room but does not overpower and space.

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Commercial spaces

Along with residential we also do a lot of commercial spaces. We do a lot of cafes and restaurants especially within our local area of Christchurch. As our company also runs GPSigns we can not only set the commercial space up with wallpaper but we also have a graphic designer that can design any signage for the space. We can do anything from footpath signs to window film to car wraps.

We will happily come to your space to do a free measure and quote your walls and any signage you need. From there we can decide what is the best material for your space is. With our wallpaper for commercial areas, we tend to recommend our waterproofing coat. This allows you to wipe down the wallpaper with a damp cloth if need be and adds a protective layer over the ink making it more durable to scratches and marks. If your setting up or revamping your business in Christchurch send us an email and we can set up a time to come and give you a free quote and measure.

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Working out what brick is best for your room

We have many brick styles and shades. From straight white to black and everything in-between. We have a wallpaper that is bricks with a paint coat over it. We also have our Red Brick wallpaper that is a very tidy organised new-looking brick and we have a more rustic run-down brick called dark brick. This is more of an industrial style. 

Our white brick looks like it has had a coat of paint over it. This makes it more realistic if we wanted to add colour to the wallpaper because it will look as though the paint over the brick is coloured not the bricks themself. This makes it a lot more realistic. Adding a colour tint to the white brick would add a fun flair to the room. Check out our peach brick wall above for example. It has a very subtle undertone of colour so you can still notice the brick detailing. 

If you would like a mock-up of any of our brick patterns in a slightly different shade of colours send us an email. We will be more than happy to send you a digital mock-up.
We can shrink or enlarge the size of the brick to fit the space of the room. This works very well when you have a play kitchen or house for your kids and you want it shrunk or if you have any extra tall wall and don’t want the pattern to be too overwhelming so you can enlarge it.

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Is your paint finish on your walls eggshell, wash and wear, low sheen, low VOC?

Our wallpaper has a self-adhesive backing. This is what makes our wallpaper removable, repositionable and reusable. However, the self-adhesive can sometimes not react well to eggshell, wash and wear, low sheen, low VOC paint finishes. We would recommend you check the paint finish you have on your walls before purchasing a full wall of wallpaper.

If you do have one of these finishes or you are not sure what your paint finish is then we would highly recommend getting a sample first. If you leave it on for 48 hours and the sample is still up on the wall then our wallpaper will work perfectly.

If the wallpaper sample does fall off your wall we have a stronger version that will stick on these finishes called high tack. We have three material options. Standard, Block out and High tack. Our block out wallpaper is slightly stronger than our standard and could stick to your walls. We would recommend getting a sample of the block out also if you know you have one of the paint finishes above. This could be a good solution if you are defiantly looking a wallpaper that you need to remove without taking off the paint. However, if you are okay with something more permanent our high tack is a great solution for any wall that has the above paint finishes. It is a lot stronger but after a few hours it becomes permanant on your walls and you would need to remove it like traditional wallpaper. If you would like a sample of this, send us a message.