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Herringbone Line Vs Zig Zag Stripe

Herringbone line and Zig Zag Stripe are two very popular patterns with our customers. This makes sense as they have a lot of similarities in their design.

They have the same concept in the design however, the biggest and most obvious difference is the spacing between each vertical line. As Herringbone Line is a more spaced out pattern we would recommend putting this on a longer wall. Anything longer than 2 meters and you will get the full effect of the pattern. It’s also better if you are looking for a simple pattern that adds something to the room without being the statement piece.

Zig Zag Stripe, on the other hand, has a shorter spaced pattern. This means it can work in smaller areas as you will see more of the pattern. If you are looking for something a bit more detailed then Herringbone Line is the way to go. I find that Zig Zag Stripe is a good middle ground. It has a very busy pattern however if you go for neutral or grey colour it does not overwhelm the room. Therefore, It defiantly is a significant piece to a room but does not overpower and space.