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What patterns will fit perfectly into your Hampton style room?

The Hampton style is a bright fresh, coastal vibe that has an airy feel to it. This style works well in a home as it makes you feel relaxed and calmed from the moment you walk in. Because you want to keep the room light and airy you wouldn’t want to clutter the room with a pattern that is too busy. This could drive you away from the Hampton style. A great example of this is our stylised leaves pattern. The photo below is it in grey 1 of our colour chart but this could also work in any of our neutrals, blues  or darker greys. 

As for colour pellet, you would want to stick to blues, neutrals greys. These fit perfectly into the style and easily work with other colours throughout the room. Have a white background with a pop of light colour is a great way to accentuate the pattern. By having a white/off white background also allows the room to stay bright and lights. All our pattern colours can be altered to fit what you are looking for. We can even send you digital mock-up to show you what the colours will look like in the pattern.