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Shrinking the pattern to fit your needs

As a part of our customisation not only can we enlarge the pattern for you but we can shrink it also! This makes our wallpaper perfect for all kinds of crafts. From doing up furniture, to play kitchen even to even dollhouses.

We have done many samples in a dolls house size for people. See above is the size of the original pattern and the size it would come as for a sample. If you just got our normal sample pattern size then It would look very large and odd to the rest of the dolls house. The photo below is what the pattern looks like shrunk. This looks a lot more natural inside the dollhouse.

All you need to do is mention that it is for a dolls house or you would like it shrunk and we will happily make the wallpaper to fit your needs. We cost no extra for this change even though we make no profit from our samples. This is because at BC Magic wallpaper we want every customer to walk away happy and satisfied no matter how big or small the job is.