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Graphic designs within commercial residents

These photos are from a recent commercial job we did. Our graphic designer sat down for several meetings with our clients to design this wallpaper from scratch. This will be a showroom for cars. This wallpaper is all about the details in the design. The centre of the design is meant to flow with the room, creating an allusion of a curve.

Once he had designed the layout from scratch and it was finalised with the clients, we then were able to move onto the printing and cutting stage. We then went on site and installed the wallpaper. If you are looking for a design from your showroom or a commercial room but do not know where to start, give us an email and we would be happy to have a meeting with you. We are the perfect one-stop-shop. From designing all the way into installation. We also make any sign you can think of and car wraps! If you have a look into our sister site to find out more.