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Make a statement with dark wallpaper!

Add a dark wallpaper into an area of the house that you would tend to just walk by. Why? Because adding such statement pieces in a smaller area, turns the room from drab and boring to a truly magnificent space. By using darker wallpaper it adds a luxury element to the room because the dark colours create a moody cosy atmosphere.

Picking a smaller area such as a washroom or powder room allows your inner interior design to come out. Because it is a space that is otherwise forgotten about it allows you to be more creative with it as no one has an expectation on what the interiors should look like.

If you do not want your room to become too dark you can add some contrast to the room by incorporating lighter tones throughout the flooring, finishing and fixtures. Let your inner interior designer daredevil come out and go for a darker bolder wallpaper. It will work in your favour.

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Adventure and Animal themed Nursery inspiration

Why not go for something more creative and vibrant within your children’s nursery? Create a little space where your child can be transported from the hallway at home into a flourishing forest or jovial jungle.

Having such wallpaper allows you to create a not only fun but engaging backdrop in your child’s nursery or play area. These wallpaper will help your child to grow their ability to imagine and spark interest in their day to day life.

It is easy to pick a wallpaper that will be age appropriate from new born to early teenage years. By picking colour tones that are easy to work with, when your child is ready to move from cot to bed you can make the wallpaper age appropriate by maturing the furniture around it.

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How to create a Scandinavian style in your room without a fuss

Want to master that Scandinavia style in your living space? Add a wallpaper that creates the look of a textured material on your walls to truly bring out the unique look of a Scandinavian styled room.

Adding wallpaper into your room really shows that the room has been well thought out. Choosing a wallpaper that looks like a martial over installing the actual material itself is a massive time and money saver. Our wallpaper creates the look of a material, such as brick and wooden panels without the actual texture. As our wallpapers are smooth it means there will be no dust or dirt build up as there would be with real bricks or panels. This was it stays more hygienic and is less of a cleaning hassle. 

To nail the Scandinavian style let the wallpaper be the main design element. You can then add soft neutrals and different textures that will compliment the wallpaper such as warm wood grain. You could even add a little dark grey to add a moody element into the overall design. 

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Wallpaper in bath rooms

The two things that can lift the price of a house are kitchens and bathrooms. The priority of a bathroom is to be clean and functional. However, if this is your only focus then you miss out on a lot of potential to make a design impact that will pull up the value of the house.   Three steps to getting wallpaper right in a bathroom.

  1. If you have a separate toilet, chose to wallpaper this over the bathroom. This is because there is no humidity. Not to mention, it is will be a smaller space, therefore you would be able to have a bigger impact for less of the price.
  2. If you have a joint bathroom and toilet try to put the wallpaper in an area that is not in a direct steam zone. So avoid bath and shower areas and go for a splash back above the sink or on the toilet wall. We do recommend getting a waterproofing coat for any part of the bathroom.
  3. If you are on a tighter budget but have fallen in love with wallpaper you can always get a smaller piece as we do custom sizes. Then pick a frame and turn your wallpaper into beautiful artwork.  

If you are worried about the area you are putting the wallpaper in, please send us an email. We will be able to quote you with the width and size you need along with waterproofing. We are more than happy to guide you in where is a safe and stylish spot to place your wallpaper.

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Do your tropical themed room the right way.

Tropical themed rooms are becoming very popular within not only commercial but residential interiors.  This trend became so popular because it creates a sanctuary in your own home. By having tropically like interiors it can transport you into a claiming relaxing headspace. As if you were on a tropical holiday. This is why it works so well in bathrooms and bedrooms. Both places where you need to relax.  It also allows you to bring a bit of nature into your own home. Here are our top 3 tips for nailing this stylish tend. 

1. keep it simple with colours. We don’t want to be overstimulated with lots of colours when we are trying to relax. If you just use mutable tones of green in wallpaper or plants then this will easily create the tropical look you are wanting. If you are going to introduce any other colours make sure they are soft and are in the same tones as the green.

2. If you feel like you are missing something it could be Bamboo? Adding a small touch of bamboo whether it be a washing basket or a side table helps create the look of a tropical retreat. Bamboo is just as important as the lush green leaves are to creating the tropical look.

3. Know your plants before purchasing.  You don’t want to buy a big lush indoor plant just to relish that it will be dead at the end of the month due to lack of care. You want to make sure that you pick a plant for your environment. Chose your plant not only on its looks but on how much sunlight it will get and how much maintenance you want to put in. If you are really forgetful you can alway try fake plants! Pick a few and stick with them throughout your house. You could even pick out similar looking plants that are in your tropical themed wallpaper to match.