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Panels over rolls

If you have ever dealt with wallpaper you know that most of the time it will come in rolls. However, our wallpaper works slightly differently in that the wallpaper comes in panels. These panels tend to be 28 inches wide (varies pattern to pattern) and can come in 54 inches, 96 inches or 100 inches. We can also make the panel to the exact height of your wall. We make all the panels match up so the pattern runs smoothly.

Why do we make it in panels instead of long drops like traditional wallpaper? Because our wallpaper is self adhesive it means you need to slowly peel the backing paper off as you apply the wallpaper to the wall and having the wallpaper in panels makes this job a lot more approachable for the average person. This way if you mess up, you only have to pull off the 28 inch panel and not a massive section of the wall.