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Is your paint finish on your walls eggshell, wash and wear, low sheen, low VOC?

Our wallpaper has a self-adhesive backing. This is what makes our wallpaper removable, repositionable and reusable. However, the self-adhesive can sometimes not react well to eggshell, wash and wear, low sheen, low VOC paint finishes. We would recommend you check the paint finish you have on your walls before purchasing a full wall of wallpaper.

If you do have one of these finishes or you are not sure what your paint finish is then we would highly recommend getting a sample first. If you leave it on for 48 hours and the sample is still up on the wall then our wallpaper will work perfectly.

If the wallpaper sample does fall off your wall we have a stronger version that will stick on these finishes called high tack. We have three material options. Standard, Block out and High tack. Our block out wallpaper is slightly stronger than our standard and could stick to your walls. We would recommend getting a sample of the block out also if you know you have one of the paint finishes above. This could be a good solution if you are defiantly looking a wallpaper that you need to remove without taking off the paint. However, if you are okay with something more permanent our high tack is a great solution for any wall that has the above paint finishes. It is a lot stronger but after a few hours it becomes permanant on your walls and you would need to remove it like traditional wallpaper. If you would like a sample of this, send us a message.