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Custom make wallpaper to fit draws and smaller spaces

Have you ever really wanted particular piece of furniture or area to stand out in your room? Or you just want to add an extra design element to your room so it looks more styled and put together? Here are some examples from our customers. Both these orders were custom made to fit into the smaller areas so they were not paying for wallpaper they would not use and customisation cost no extra. However, if your not sure on how much you want to cover or where you want to put the wallpaper pattern then you can always order a full 96 or 56inch tall pieces and cut it up to fit. 


Add a small piece of wallpaper to an otherwise ordinary shelving or furniture can really give it an x-factor. Adding some of our wallpaper to an old piece of furniture can really change the whole look and make it a lot more trendy! However, our wallpaper can not be used for a surface area as our wallpaper would get worn down fast by having thing rub up against it constantly. We would also recommend adding our waterproofing coat if it will get touched often. The waterproofing coat allows you to wiped down the wallpaper with a damp cloth to get rid of any fingerprints and smudges. The wallpaper below is seen on the lift up shelving below. This client asks for us to design a dog quote wallpaper to fit her dogs room.