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Working out what brick is best for your room

We have many brick styles and shades. From straight white to black and everything in-between. We have a wallpaper that is bricks with a paint coat over it. We also have our Red Brick wallpaper that is a very tidy organised new-looking brick and we have a more rustic run-down brick called dark brick. This is more of an industrial style. 

Our white brick looks like it has had a coat of paint over it. This makes it more realistic if we wanted to add colour to the wallpaper because it will look as though the paint over the brick is coloured not the bricks themself. This makes it a lot more realistic. Adding a colour tint to the white brick would add a fun flair to the room. Check out our peach brick wall above for example. It has a very subtle undertone of colour so you can still notice the brick detailing. 

If you would like a mock-up of any of our brick patterns in a slightly different shade of colours send us an email. We will be more than happy to send you a digital mock-up.
We can shrink or enlarge the size of the brick to fit the space of the room. This works very well when you have a play kitchen or house for your kids and you want it shrunk or if you have any extra tall wall and don’t want the pattern to be too overwhelming so you can enlarge it.