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What is BC Magic Wallpaper made from

What is BC Magic Wallpaper made from?

Our self-adhesive wallpaper is still a very new product to New Zealand. Therefore a lot of people do not understand our product properly. Here is a quick rundown explaining the three parts that make up this wallpaper. The material, the ink, and the self-adhesive.

The material comes in roles and is made from 100% polyester fabric. It is Class A1 fire rated in the US, non-toxic, green and phthalates free. We are proud to say our wallpaper is Environmentally safe and bio-degradable over time and not to mention reusable.

The material that makes the wallpaper starts off as a plain white colour. To get the ink onto the wallpaper we use both a HP latex printer and a Roland eco-solvent printer. The rolls of material are put in the machine and then we work through a computer program to tell the machine what pattern, width and height it needs to print. From there the machine prints the ink onto the material. This tends to take Aproxamitly 30 mins to print two panels. The ink sets used on both printers are GREENGUARD Gold certified for low VOC’s and indoor safety. They are completely non-toxic and safe to put up and have around children.


The self-adhesive backing is what differentiates our wallpaper to traditional wallpaper. This takes so much hassle out of installing the wallpaper. The self-adhesive is strong enough to stick to the wall but light enough to come off clean. Because our self-adhesive is clear it means that there are no marks left of the wall once removed.