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BC Magic Wallpaper at The Crossing

BC Magic Wallpaper at The Crossing

You heard us right our wallpaper is now featured at The Crossing in Christchurch. It is located in the parent’s room. This is to the right of the service desk when you walk in from the car park.  

BEFORE: This was the wall before our wallpaper was up. This room is a stunning, well-designed room, however, by turning this blank wall into a colorful creative mural added a wow factor to the room.

Installation:  This wallpaper mural is our Wave Mural pattern. The wallpaper was customised to fit the height of  three meters tall and almost six meters wide. It took two hours to install as it was a larger wall and needed more precision as the panels were a lot longer and heavier than normal. We enlarged the pattern so that it would fit the height of the wall nicely. We also designed the wallpaper so it would start were the couch ended. This meant that the mural would not be cut off or look out of place.

AFTER: We think the end result looks wonderful and fits perfectly into the atmosphere of the parent’s room. We made sure that the colors within the wallpaper were found in the room. This meant that the wallpaper added the room but did not overpower it. Our wallpaper is great for children’s rooms as you can remove the wallpaper and reuse it in a different space. Not to mention you can get very creative with the wallpaper as it is not permanent.