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Wallpaper in pantries

An organised, stylish panty is a trend that has flourished through 2018  into  2019. A foodies dream pantry. Everything placed out in glass jars alined and labelled perfectly. Not only is this a stylish trend but environmentally friendly because you can reduce the use of plastic by using glass jars to store your food instead. 

But who has the time for this? There is one quick way to make your party look styled and put together without having to put too much time and organising into it. Wallpaper! Wallpaper as a backdrop to your shelving can turn your pantry from zero to hero. It can also bring colour to your room and make the space look bigger.  

I know what your thinking. There will be smudges and marks on that wallpaper in no time. But there is no need to worries as we can apply a waterproofing coat. This allows you to wipe down the wallpaper with a damp cloth without damaging the print. To make the job even easier, we can do custom wallpaper that will fit into each individual wall space.  This way it takes away all the stress of having to perfectly cut wallpaper up to fit the space and you would have to think about pattern match because we will do that all for you.