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Gender neutral nursery inspiration

Gender neutral nurseries are becoming more and more popular as people are starting to sway away from the idea of “blue for boys” and “pink for girls” rule. Here are some tips and tricks that will help you to still make your show stopper without having bright colours.

Stick with shades of greys, black and whites. But you can also play will elements of soft browns and warm neutral colours. By keeping the colours plain it means you can play more with the patterns in the room. By picking a bolder pattern it will lift up the room. Our zig zag stripe pattern seen in these two photos is a great way of adding in a bold pattern. By having the lighter colour in the pattern it tones it down and balances it out so it is not overpowering the room. Also by choosing a more sophisticated neutral wallpaper, this means the room will mature and grow with your baby so it still fits when they are in their early teens. Now that’s thinking ahead! 

Because you have a more basic colour palette this means you can add lots of texture throughout the furniture to create an interior design flair to the room. Combine a lot of different textures, like fury and soft with rough and leather textures. Mix it up you can’t go wrong with textures. Weave furniture is all the rage at the moment. Add a weave basket with a soft cotton throw rug. Having these opposer textures adds depths into the design of the room.