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We always want our clients to have the best possible experience and to walk away as happy as possible with their choice of wallpaper. This means we always encourage people to get samples to make sure they are getting the right material, colour and pattern for their space.

Most people get samples to test out what colours will look like or see if the pattern itself will work in the space. But there are many other reasons why it’s so important to get a sample, even when you are sure of the colour and pattern. The standard material is a little transparent and dark colours on the wall may show through. We often get people not sure if they need to use our block out or standard wallpaper because their walls are verging on being slightly too dark for the standard. If they get a sample they can test from themselves if they don’t mind a little colour showing through or if they want a more solid colour. Getting a Block out or standard sample can also help if you have textured walls as well.

If you are getting a custom colour we highly recommend getting a sample first as the colours can look very different on a screen compared to in person. Getting a sample is also a great way to test if the finish on your walls is Wash and Wear or Egg Shell. We can not guarantee that our product will stick to these finishes. If you are not sure what paint finish you have on your walls you can tell by sticking one of our samples on the wall for 48 hours. If it is still on by the end our wallpaper will work well.

Most of our samples are made in the true size as the final product. Some patterns and images may be too big to fit in the 210mmx297mm piece so we shrink them so people can get a feel of the design. If you are ordering the sample for a play kitchen or a doll house, we can make the design smaller for you as well.

Don’t take the risk. Buy a sample.