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A brief history of wallpaper

A brief history of wallpaper.

Some of the first few wallpapers were hand painted. However, the most popular way was using a woodblock painting. Wallpaper first gained popularity in Renaissance aria in Europe. This was because before wallpaper they only used Tapestry to brighten up the walls. However, only the rich could afford them. Wallpaper gained popularity as it was the cheapest option to brighten up a room.

England and France were the leading countries in European for manufacturing wallpaper. One of the earliest known wallpaper was found on the back of a London proclamation in 1509. However, It was not until the early twentieth century that wallpaper was a common and popular house decoration across the western world. 

Wallpaper in the modern century has developed into more than just roles that were printed in large batches with only a few patterns to pick from. Now wallpaper can be art, photos or hand made illustrations. You can not only pick from thousands of different designs, you can make your own!