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Nailing the retro styled room

The retro era came rushing into the 50s with splatters of mustard, citric lemon yellow and avocado green everywhere. Now guess what colours we are seeing come around again?

 The retro style is a very fun and vibrant style filled with bold patterns and colours. After being on such opposite ends of the scale with the Minimalist trend, people are starting to tip to the other side of the scale. We are being less scared of brighter colours and patterns. The retro style allows you to really show off your individual style because there are no real limits. You can really use colours and prints to show your personality and present your home in a way that makes people go wow but also feels cosy and welcoming at the same time.

A way to slowly ease your house into this style is by keeping most of the colour and patterns plain and then adding a pop of retro style. The photo seen above is a great example. They have the crisp white cabinets with contrasting black. They decided to add bolder wallpaper to bring the retro style through without overpowering the room with lots of prints and colours. They also stuck with a bright mustard lemon yellow to bring the retro colour into the room and kept all the other colours neutral.