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How to make a style statement in your bedroom on a budget

Where there you want to give your bedroom a bit of a vamp up but are short on cash or do not want to pore a lot of money into your children’s room when they will want to change it in another 10 years. We have some tips and tricks to show you how to make a stylish impact on a tight budget. 

The bed tends to be in the centre of your room and this means you can really make a statement and set the theme for the room with it if you are starting fresh find a bedspread that you completely love and then work your room around this. The bedspread could be something you decide you would like to spend more money on if it is your statement piece and then go cheaper on the other style pieces. You can pick a nice statement colour out from your bedspread then you can match little trinkets that you have around the room with this. This will make your room look a lot more put together and purposely styled.  

If you had your heart set on a feature wall or wallpaper but it is just out of your price range and a great alternative is wall decals. They are a lot more cost efficient and very trendy. Whether it is a soft floral wall decal in a master bedroom or bright rainbows in a kids bedroom a wall decal can really make a statement. If you do not have a lot of room on your walls you can go for something a little smaller this will still make a statement to your room and look like you’ve put more effort into the styling. If you have a full wall to fill go big! Nothing makes a room stand out then a beautiful big rainbow stretching out across the room. The great thing about our wall decals is everything is custom made. So you can pick the size, colour and even what pattern/shape you would like! We can make the wall decal fit perfectly to your room. When you are working with a tight budget the key is to spend a bit more money on a bigger object in the room that will stand out and then you can buy cheaper decorations that match the statement piece.