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How to get the perfect Custom colour for your wallpaper

How to get the perfect Custom colour for your wallpaper

At BC Magic wallpaper our team takes the time to get the perfect color for every individual customer. All our wallpapers are made to order, this means we are happy to alter colors for any customer that asks.

All the customer need to do is send us a message asking to see a pattern in the colors they have picked from our color chart or they can describe the colors would like. E.g dusty pink, warm grey. From there, we send digital mock-ups of the colours to the customer. This helps them to visualise and decide if it is right for their space. We then work with them, listening to their concerns, tweak the mock-up until it is the exact colours they wanted for Their room.

If the customer has time we send out an A4 sized sample of the colors in that pattern. The reason we do this is because colors can look very different on a screen compared to on the walls. The big factor that has to play in this is lighting. The customer will then come back to us and ask for alteration or tell us they are happy to go ahead.

The wallpaper above is a custom coloured wallpapers we did in our terrazzo patterned. This client changed the dots to pink 3 , blue 1, peach 2 and grey 1 from our colour chart.

This wallpaper above is our Zig Zag Stripe pattern. This colour was a custom colour that started out as Green 9 on our colour chart and we altered it to be slightly duller.

The wallpaper above is our lego pattern. We altered the colours in this pattern to match the client’s bedspread.

If you love a pattern but would like to see it in different colours, send us a message. We will be happy to work with you to get the perfect wallpaper you desire.