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Changing the size of the wallpaper pattern

Changing the size of the wallpaper pattern

Everything at BC Magic Wallpaper is made to order. This means we will happily make alterations in our patterns before we start the printing process. All our patterns are designed by us. This means that we can alter anything to fit the customer’s needs. This included taking away, enlarging and shrinking. Here are a few examples below.

This customer received a sample of our clementine in white and fell in love with the pattern. However, she wanted it for her children’s play kitchen. This means you would not see a lot of the pattern at the standard size. We shrunk the pattern down from 100% to 50%  and it fitted into space perfectly. It was a simple but effective way to do up an old piece.

 Client: “from boring to BOOM! There’s nothing like custom wallpaper and you were so patient with the whole process. Can’t wait to work with you again. Bless you and your business.”

This wallpaper had many alterations. It started out as our Flamingos in a line pattern. They wanted to take two rows of the flamingos and have the rest of the wallpaper one plain colour.  We sent several different mock-ups to the customer, each time discussing and altering the size and placement of the pattern. The customer decided to enlarged the birds from 8 inches tall to 14 inches tall each. They also decided to change the colour of the background (you can read more about colour changing in our previous blog).  

This client wanted us to enlarge the pattern to twice the original size as she wanted a statement wallpaper. We strive to give our customers the best product possible for their wants and needs. If you like one of our patterns but would like to make some alterations, please give us a message and we would be happy to send you a mock-up.