Here is the place to order a sample!

Simply let us know in your ‘order note’ which pattern/s you would like an which colour ways. Feel free to select colours from our colour chart.

Choose from: 

Standard Sample: Our standard wallpaper is designed to cover walls painted with white standard paint. It is slightly translucent so darker paint colours may show through depending on the pattern.

Block Out Sample: Our block out wallpaper is designed to cover walls painted with coloured or dark standard paint. It provides opaque coverage. It can be used to cover existing wallpaper, if the wallpaper is in good condition and not textured.

Wash and Wear or Eggshell paints:
If a wall is painted with ‘wash and wear’ or ‘eggshell’ paint then we recommend ordering a sample to test the wallpaper out on the wall first. The standard and block out wallpapers may not adhere correctly, and may peel off over time. We recommend applying the sample to the wall and leaving up for one week.


Bespoke self adhesive, removable and reposition-able fabric wallpaper. Get the look and feel of a traditional wallpaper without the fuss! No water, paste, or tradesman required.


Our wallpaper is made with 100% polyester fabric and has a low-tack adhesive backing. Designs are printed with non-toxic ink.
It is Class A1 fire rated in the US, non-toxic, green and phthalates free.
Environmentally safe and bio-degradable over time. Vegan and cruelty free.
UV protected. The wallpaper is not waterproofed. We can apply a waterproof coating during production for an additional cost.
If you would like to cover existing wallpaper that is textured or walls that have ‘wash and wear’ ‘low sheen’, ‘eco friendly’, ‘low VOC’ or ‘eggshell’ paint we highly recommend using our stronger wallpaper. This wallpaper is adjustable throughout the installation but will become permanent over time. If you need this option please send us a message and we will give you a quote.

Custom Colours:

All of our wallpaper patterns can be made in custom colour ways as the wallpaper is made to order.
We can change both the background colour and pattern colour. See our colour chart on each wallpaper pattern listing. Contact us to request a design mock-up via email or to order a custom coloured physical sample.

Colour Variance:

We recommend that you order the full amount needed in one order. As with traditional wallpaper there can be slight variances in colour between batches.

Custom Size:

Provide us with the height and width of the wall that requires wallpapering and we can make custom sized panels that fit the height of the wall. We recommend adding an extra 2 centimetres to each measurement as some walls aren’t 100% straight. Then you can easily trim the wallpaper with a craft knife. Panels are usually made to approximately 70cm wide, so that they are easy to apply. We are happy to provide free quotes.

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