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How to Pattern Match

How to Pattern Match.

Our wallpapers are supplied in panels instead of roles. Most of our panels come at a 28-inch width but can vary. This is because with a shorter width the panels can be put up without a struggle. This does mean the join lines will most likely have overlap.  We can make the wallpaper panels a lot wider however this becomes a lot hard to put up.

As we encourage customers to DIY our wallpaper we want to give you a crash course on how to turn an overlapping look into a butting look. An overlap is when the one panel needs to sit on top of the other by a few cms to match the pattern. This is a very common look and most people do not mind having an overlap.  However, if you would rather the panels touch together rather then overlap the photo below shows you how to change this. All you need it a ruler and a sharp craft knife. If it is already on the walls we recommend getting a piece of thin PVC underneath where you are cutting so you do not leave a mark on the walls. We tend to use a thin ruler underneath. Of course, we are only a phone call or email away and are more than happy to help with any questions.  We also offer installations in Christchurch for an extra cost.