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How to create a Scandinavian style in your room without a fuss

Want to master that Scandinavia style in your living space? Add a wallpaper that creates the look of a textured material on your walls to truly bring out the unique look of a Scandinavian styled room.

Adding wallpaper into your room really shows that the room has been well thought out. Choosing a wallpaper that looks like a martial over installing the actual material itself is a massive time and money saver. Our wallpaper creates the look of a material, such as brick and wooden panels without the actual texture. As our wallpapers are smooth it means there will be no dust or dirt build up as there would be with real bricks or panels. This was it stays more hygienic and is less of a cleaning hassle. 

To nail the Scandinavian style let the wallpaper be the main design element. You can then add soft neutrals and different textures that will compliment the wallpaper such as warm wood grain. You could even add a little dark grey to add a moody element into the overall design.