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Creative ways to style an everyday object using BC Magic Wallpaper

Creative ways to style an everyday object using BC Magic Wallpaper

BC Magic Wallpaper can decorate more than just walls. It costs no extra to custom make our wallpaper and it is self-adhesive, meaning it will cause no damage when removed. So, why not get creative? Here are some examples of creative ways to style up an object using BC Magic Wallpaper.

This customer wanted to use our wallpaper on their fridge. We added a waterproofing coat onto the wallpaper as it was going to be touched often by grubby hands and it was near water. This gave the ink protection and allowed her to wipe the paper down with a damp cloth. This is a great way to make your kitchen look a lot more stylish, unique and it adds character to a kitchen without having to spend mega bucks on it.

Thinking of jazzing up a piece of future? Our wallpaper made a great background to this piece of furniture. It is a very inexpensive way to add detailing to the object. We do not recommend that our wallpaper is used for surface areas as it will wear down the wallpaper print. This is why all the wallpaper is placed on the vertical not the horizontal.

Before you buy the wallpaper to cover your surface that is not a wall, we highly recommend having a chat with the BC Magic Wallpaper team first. If you tell us the material of the surface you are covering we can advise you on if it will work and if you need block out wallpaper or a waterproofing coat. Before buying the product we recommend purchasing a sample and making sure it sticks on the object for over 48 hours.