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Creating a Shabby Chic look in your home

What is Shabby Chic? It’s a style that shows the interior to be pleasingly old and slightly worn. The interior will look worn and rough around the edges but still have an understated class. Together combining the beautiful look that is shabby chic.

An exposed brick look brings the shabby chic look to any kitchen or lounge. The white brick fits perfectly into a shabby chic style because the rough texture brings out the shabby but with the white painted look over top of the bricks bring in a classy look. Our Concert 1 wallpaper is also a great wallpaper to create the shabby chic style in your home. With the worn look of the white with the grey concert coming through really nail the shabby chic look.

Finish off the look with some antique furniture or even buying new, as lots of places have furniture that has a worn-in look to them. This will bring the room together. As long as you remember to balance worn and classy look you will have the perfect shabby chic style in your home.