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Bring blue into your home

Blue is a brilliant colour. By adding touches of blue throughout your home creates a welcoming  atmosphere. Blue is a colour that is known to provoke calmness and serenity. Two moods we all desired to feel in our home. 

Because there is such a rich variety of blue hues to pick from you can work it into any style you want to achieve in your home. You can chose to just use an accent wall themed in blue or wrap your whole room in blue. It is a colour you can never have too much of. Not to mention subtle blue tones are a lot more exciting then your typical neutrals and greys. It will show people your creativities interior flair and make your home an inspiration to others.  

Blue adds a rich and welcoming feel into your home. If you would like to see one of our patterns in a blue please send us a message. We would be more then happy to make a digital mock up for you to see.