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A quick history on the timeless check pattern

A quick history on the timeless check pattern.

We have two new wallpaper patterns out. One is called Buffalo check in grey and the other is a slightly smaller print called check pattern in peach. The check pattern is a timeless look that everyone can recognize. It is everywhere. On clothing, furniture, even tea towels. This pattern has been around for century yet never goes out of fashion. But why is this and what is the history behind check?

The plaid pattern was around in the 1500s when the Scottish used kilt colours to define what clan or geographical region they were from.  The checker pattern was later appropriated by British and American manufacturers, who created a patterned fabric which resembled tartan in the Woolrich Woolen Mills that still stands to this day. The name Buffalo check came from the owners of the mill. The mill began producing the buffalo check clothing in the 1850s. 

 The pattern originally became associated with lumberjacks.  After several decades of developing this pattern turned into one of the western worlds biggest mainstream patterns. It was not until the 1970s when check became popular within interior design elements. From there the pattern blossomed. We doubt this trend will ever go out of style.