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Creating a Shabby Chic look in your home

What is Shabby Chic? It’s a style that shows the interior to be pleasingly old and slightly worn. The interior will look worn and rough around the edges but still have an understated class. Together combining the beautiful look that is shabby chic.

An exposed brick look brings the shabby chic look to any kitchen or lounge. The white brick fits perfectly into a shabby chic style because the rough texture brings out the shabby but with the white painted look over top of the bricks bring in a classy look. Our Concert 1 wallpaper is also a great wallpaper to create the shabby chic style in your home. With the worn look of the white with the grey concert coming through really nail the shabby chic look.

Finish off the look with some antique furniture or even buying new, as lots of places have furniture that has a worn-in look to them. This will bring the room together. As long as you remember to balance worn and classy look you will have the perfect shabby chic style in your home.

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Creating a sophisticated, masculine bedroom

When you think masculine and sophisticated you think dark colours. But this is where you have to be careful. You do not want to make your bedroom too dark as you still want it to be warm and inviting. This is why a feature wall is great. It shows that you have put thought into the room without making it too overwhelming or dark. By having all the other walls in a lighter coloured paint it allows the feature wall to stand out and bring that masculinity to the room.

If you keep the surrounding walls light and add touches of warm wood into the room throughout the furniture it will lift the room up well still keeping the sophisticated look you want. You can then go for a middle ground with the bedspread by adding element of the darker colour in the feature wallpaper along with elements of lighter colours coming from the furniture. This will bring the room altogether to create a sophisticated cool, masculine bedroom.

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Bring blue into your home

Blue is a brilliant colour. By adding touches of blue throughout your home creates a welcoming  atmosphere. Blue is a colour that is known to provoke calmness and serenity. Two moods we all desired to feel in our home. 

Because there is such a rich variety of blue hues to pick from you can work it into any style you want to achieve in your home. You can chose to just use an accent wall themed in blue or wrap your whole room in blue. It is a colour you can never have too much of. Not to mention subtle blue tones are a lot more exciting then your typical neutrals and greys. It will show people your creativities interior flair and make your home an inspiration to others.  

Blue adds a rich and welcoming feel into your home. If you would like to see one of our patterns in a blue please send us a message. We would be more then happy to make a digital mock up for you to see. 

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Make a statement with dark wallpaper!

Add a dark wallpaper into an area of the house that you would tend to just walk by. Why? Because adding such statement pieces in a smaller area, turns the room from drab and boring to a truly magnificent space. By using darker wallpaper it adds a luxury element to the room because the dark colours create a moody cosy atmosphere.

Picking a smaller area such as a washroom or powder room allows your inner interior design to come out. Because it is a space that is otherwise forgotten about it allows you to be more creative with it as no one has an expectation on what the interiors should look like.

If you do not want your room to become too dark you can add some contrast to the room by incorporating lighter tones throughout the flooring, finishing and fixtures. Let your inner interior designer daredevil come out and go for a darker bolder wallpaper. It will work in your favour.

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Adventure and Animal themed Nursery inspiration

Why not go for something more creative and vibrant within your children’s nursery? Create a little space where your child can be transported from the hallway at home into a flourishing forest or jovial jungle.

Having such wallpaper allows you to create a not only fun but engaging backdrop in your child’s nursery or play area. These wallpaper will help your child to grow their ability to imagine and spark interest in their day to day life.

It is easy to pick a wallpaper that will be age appropriate from new born to early teenage years. By picking colour tones that are easy to work with, when your child is ready to move from cot to bed you can make the wallpaper age appropriate by maturing the furniture around it.