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Panels over rolls

If you have ever dealt with wallpaper you know that most of the time it will come in rolls. However, our wallpaper works slightly differently in that the wallpaper comes in panels. These panels tend to be 28 inches wide (varies pattern to pattern) and can come in 54 inches, 96 inches or 100 inches. We can also make the panel to the exact height of your wall. We make all the panels match up so the pattern runs smoothly.

Why do we make it in panels instead of long drops like traditional wallpaper? Because our wallpaper is self adhesive it means you need to slowly peel the backing paper off as you apply the wallpaper to the wall and having the wallpaper in panels makes this job a lot more approachable for the average person. This way if you mess up, you only have to pull off the 28 inch panel and not a massive section of the wall.

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Constellation wallpaper

Our newest patterns, Constellation White and Constellation Black have just become available on our website!  These patterns are a wonderful way to get creative in a child’s room.  What kid would not love to have a wonderful mural on their wall?  They can dream of flying through space and going on adventures.

Make this your feature wall and have all the rest plain. The room will always look great when the feature wall is there as it will draw people’s eye up towards the mural and not down towards any clutter. If the two sizes in the listing do not fit your wall – don’t fret, send us an email with your width and height of your wall. We will be able to send you a digital mock-up of what it looks like in your space and fit the wallpaper to your measurements.

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New animal print patterns!

Adding animal print into your room can add a fun, playful element to your home. Having it in a grey means it will not over power the room but instead just add a touch of pattern. This design is great for an animal or safari-themed nursery that is all the rage right now.  Also perfect if you’re wanting to add a ‘wow factor’ in your lounge or entrance way. Check out our newest pattern – Leopard Print in Grey -below.

Animal print patterns are set to come back into fashion within interiors. From tiger-striped chairs to leopard print wallpaper.  Adding sophisticated touches throughout your room can really make your room look trendy and playful. Keep the rest of the room more simple to balance out the animal print. Adding that pop of pattern can really make your room stand out and impress people when they walk into the room. Check out our Tiger Print below in Grey 2 from our colour chart.

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Graphic designs within commercial residents

These photos are from a recent commercial job we did. Our graphic designer sat down for several meetings with our clients to design this wallpaper from scratch. This will be a showroom for cars. This wallpaper is all about the details in the design. The centre of the design is meant to flow with the room, creating the illusion of a curve.

Once he had designed the layout from scratch and it was finalised with the clients, we were able to move onto the printing and cutting stage. We then went on site and installed the wallpaper. If you are looking for a design for your showroom or a commercial room but do not know where to start, give us an email and we would be happy to have a meeting with you. We are the perfect one-stop shop. From designing all the way to installation. We can also make any sign you can think of and design and install car wraps! Have a look at our sister site, to find out more.

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Shrinking the pattern to fit your needs

As a part of our customisation, not only can we enlarge the pattern for you but we can shrink it also! This makes our wallpaper perfect for all kinds of crafts. From doing up furniture, to play kitchens even to dollhouses!

We have done many samples in a dollhouse size for people. See above is the size of the original pattern and the size it would come as for a sample. If you just ordered our normal sample pattern size then it would look very large and out of scale to the rest of the dollhouse. The photo below is what the pattern looks like when it is shrunk. This looks a lot more natural inside the dollhouse.

All you need to do is mention that it is for a dollhouse or that you would like it shrunk and we will happily make the wallpaper to fit your needs. We charge no extra for this change, even though we make no profit from our samples. This is because at BC Magic wallpaper we want every customer to walk away happy and satisfied no matter how big or small the job!